Well Done

Hello Students, you did a great job with the knitting project, I appreciate how much time and effort you put into your projects!  I look forward to working with you during Senior Projects.

Sorry things ended so abruptly, I needed to catch my flight to Boston.  A couple of you wanted to know what I am doing.  I’m a visiting artist at Mass Art  and doing at Sewing Rebellion in Vermont

March 25, in Los Angeles you can see a live performance in commemoration of the Triangle Shirt Waist Fire.

Have a restful break.


Professor Lung


TALA Scholarship and Pizza Party

Pizza Party Thursday March 10

California Fashion Foundation and Textile Association of Los Angeles, scholarship application.  You can win between 1000-3000$

Student submission deadline March 15, 2016
Winners announced April 6, 2016
Winners deliver garments to CFF Tuesday April 19, 2016
Luncheon April 21, 2015

Sample Presentation_2016

2016 Scholarship Application

2016 Scholarship Design Entry_FINAL

Student Opinion Survey

To make it easier for students to complete the survey during class, ITS has developed the GETmobile app, which is available for download. Using this app, students can easily access and take the student course evaluation survey with their smartphones or tablets in class.

download the free GETmobile app. go to the appropriate app store:

iphones/ipads: https://appsto.re/us/90em-.i

Android phones: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.dub.app.csula

or on your desk top or laptop computer using the student portal https://my.calstatela.edu

Assignment #2

Student will present via digital medium:

  1. Sock Designs with mood board and color swatches
  2. Avant Guard Design with mood board and photograph of piece.

Student will turn in an analog Portfolio of:

  1. Sock Designs with all elements listed below
  2. Avant guard piece with mood board, sketch and photograph as well as the final garment.

Student will present in the following order:

  1. Kyle
  2. Daniell
  3. Colin
  4. Alexander
  5. Jessica H
  6. Cindy
  7. Rafael
  8. Amanda
  9. Haley
  10. Charloette
  11. Bryan
  12. Linda L
  13. Yvonne
  14. Shantell
  15. Roby
  16. Wenlu (459)
  17. Wenlu 506
  18. Maha 506

Followed by Graduate Presentations

 Assignment #2: Knit.

Students will develop a collection 15 – 30 socks, for Wigwam Sock Company, presented through mood boards, and product line sheets.   For the second half of this assignment students will develop and produce an avant guard garment, using hand knitting and/ or machine knitting.

 Elements due for each part of the this assignment:
Wigwam Sock Design:  10 pts.

  • Mood boards with color swatches 1-3 pts.
  • Lines sheets with sock designs 1-7 pts


Avant Guard Piece: 20 pts

  • Mood board 1 pt.
  • Illustrate sketch of design 1- 3 pts.
  • Production one Avant guard piece. 10 pts.
  • Photograph of garment being modeled 1-3 pts.
  • Students will present this work in a portfolio, printed and digital. 1-3 pts.